Southern Traditions to Keep Alive

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I live in Atlanta and grew up in Memphis, so I was raised on some Southern home traditions. Known for being friendly and living at a slower pace, the South has some traditions that are worth saving. Here are my favorite Southern traditions to keep alive:

The Front Porch.

Did you know that there is actually a community in Georgia where every home is required to have a front porch?

I love that idea – it encourages neighbors to stop and talk to each other and even relax together on the porch. I know that, when I’m in our front yard, neighbors stop and say hi and we get to catch up on what’s been going on in our lives.

Have you ever heard of a “haint” blue ceiling on a porch?

It’s a Southern tradition to paint the porch ceiling light blue to ward off the “haints,” or evil spirits. I love the pop of color, and keeping the bad spirits away is good, too!

The Formal Dining Room

Most Southern homes have a formal dining room, but many of us don’t use it very often – only on holidays or special occasions. I had that problem with our formal dining room.

Since I redecorated our dining room, though, we’ve loved using it. We eat breakfast in here, play games, and do homework. Just because it’s called a “formal” dining room doesn’t mean it has to be!


I know that we’re not supposed to drink a lot of sugary drinks, but there’s just something about cold lemonade on a hot Southern day that can’t be beat. Or try frosted lemonade, a tradition made famous by a particular Southern fast-food restaurant:

It’s so refreshing and good!

Please and Thank You

People joke about how Southerners are so polite, but there’s a reason we got that reputation. Southerners know their manners and, generally, use them.

I love the tradition of hand-writing thank you notes. It’s so special to receive a hand-written note of thanks from a friend, especially when most communications today come via email or text.

What do you think? What Southern home traditions would you add to this list?

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