Out-of-Box Bath Ideas

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All bathroom designs are roughly the same due to the room’s function – toilet, vanity with sink, mirrored medicine cabinet, bathtub with shower and curtain and/or shower stall. The functional requirements may be the same from bathroom to bathroom but it doesn’t mean that those key elements have to be standard issue.

When you think of bathroom flooring you usually think of water tight materials such as ceramic or stone tile and vinyl or linoleum. Why not seal wood floors with water tight paint? At first glance floors painted to look like a tile pattern would seem to be standard issue but on second glance so unexpected.

Amelia T. Handegan, http://www.athid.com/

Who says that the bathroom mirror has to come with a medicine cabinet and who says it has to be mounted to the wall? If you have space to stow away medicine cabinet contents elsewhere, go for a decorative mirror instead. Separating the mirror from the cabinet means design freedom. Your mirror no longer has to be the size of your cabinet and you don’t need the perfect wall for a built-in or surface mounted cabinet – mirrors can be hung from the ceiling.

Antonio Martins, http://www.antoniomartins.com

A vanity is simply a piece of furniture that holds the sink and perhaps some toiletries. There is no rule that says it has to come from the plumbing and bath aisle of a home improvement store. Thinking of the vanity as simply a piece of furniture means that you’ve opened up your options considerably. Tables, dressing tables, dressers and more are now eligible to be turned into a vanity with some skilled retrofitting.

Solis Betancourt & Sherrill, http://www.solisbetancourt.com

Bathroom walls are usually painted, tiled or papered. Why not graffitied? While a graffiti décor isn’t right for everyone, the point here is that you can get really creative with paint. Not all bathroom s are suitable for wallpaper but that doesn’t mean you are stuck with a plain paint job. Murals and painted patterns can mimic wallpaper and even tile.

Gary Hutton, http://www.garyhuttondesign.com

A bathroom is one of those rooms that on the surface seems to have a fairly formulaic design. Don’t let yourself get trapped in the formula or you will stifle your creativity. Take your cues from the products in the plumbing and bath aisle of your home improvement store and look for ways to make the expected unexpected.


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