How To: Colorblock Your Bedroom to Fit Your Personality

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A goal of mine for 2012 is to make my personal space, my sleeping space, reflect more of my personality through patterns and vibrant colors. With these simple color blocking steps, I’ve figured out how to style my bedroom properly and make it a place that I enjoy – and want to retreat to!

I love the latest color-blocking trend, because when done correctly, you can mix, coordinate, compliment and even change your décor as you go or as your style changes and evolves throughout the years.

Picking your colors

Through these steps, I’ve effectively figured out where to start.

  1. Spend some time studying the color wheel. Get to know your colors beyond the standard color names (red, orange, yellow, etc.) by exploring the color families.
  2. Start by picking a color grouping (shades of blue, for example) that you are drawn to. Go with your intuition, otherwise you might end up with a room full of a color that gives you a headache.
  3. Go to either side of the color you selected to select your second color.
  4. Those are your two main colors. Your main colors can then be used on all or a few of the walls, in a rug and in bedding.
  5. If the two colors are too bright or too intimidating, you can pair your first selection with a neutral color to soften the look.

Neutral colors include:

  • Beiges
  • Browns
  • Greys
  • White
  • Black

Create some depth with a third color

  • The rule of color-blocking is to bring in the color that is directly across from the two colors you first selected. This color will add dimension, depth and pop to your décor.
  • You also have the option to add a neutral color or print as your third color.
  • A great example of adding this third color is through decorations, gallery or table frames, throw pillows and individual pieces of furniture.

Neutral Room Color Blocking (

Creating a versatile bedroom

I’ve decided to keep my bedroom furniture neutral so I can change things as my style evolves. Walls are easy to paint, throw pillows are easy to make or replace and decorations are easy to find… But furniture and bedding is often costly. Because of that, I prefer to pick neutral or neutral printed bedding, so the smaller items can be changed more easily.

Color Blocking with Pops of bold color. (

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