Fun New Bath Mats for Kids

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Do you know what one of the most satisfying things about being a textile designer is?  It’s that what I design is bought for your home and becomes part of your life.  Some of my most recent designs were kids prints.  As a mom myself, inspiration for these designs came easily.

For me, doing kids prints is about keeping it simple.  The best designs are sometimes the least complicated.  I start each print with sketches and do as many as it takes until I see something I like.  To finish the patterns I scan the drawings and do the rest digitally.


Color inspiration for this collection came from where product fits in the home and who will use it.  All of my prints were brightly colored: pinks and purples for girls, blues and greens for boys and multicolored for parents who want to keep it neutral.

The end results incorporate fun and function – my designs were used for bath mats as part of Mohawk Home’s Spring 2012 bath collection.

The kneeling mats are my favorite new product.  They are the perfect size, machine washable, slip resistant, and have a handy little strap on the back for hanging after each use.  With two layers of foam, the extra cushion is especially easy on the knees – you won’t even feel the floor! What’s not to love about a product that makes bath time a little easier?

They’re not in stores yet but we hope to see them on the shelves soon.  Don’t you think they would make the perfect gift for a new mom?

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