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Growing up, our Christmas tree always had several homemade, DIY ornaments. We had ones my grandmother sewed from felt, ones my brother and I had made, and always a construction-paper garland.

Now that I have my own family and our own Christmas tree, I want to create some special homemade ornaments for it, but going a bit beyond the construction paper! Here are some ideas for ornaments you can DIY. I chose ornament ideas that (1) recycle or upcycle materials that you probably already have in your home or are easy to find; and/or (2) kids can help make, too.

These “better than salt dough” ornaments are the perfect ornaments for us to make this year, because we just moved into a new house. I’d love to create a keepsake from our old house, to remember previous happy holidays there.

I love these Scrabble tile ornaments! You can find Scrabble games at thrift stores. Use the tiles to create a custom ornament for your family.

Ever since my kids saw Despicable Me 2, they have been crazy over minions! These ornaments are easy to make and are perfect for kids. (The site also has instructions for Elmo ornaments and for other characters.)

Do you want to make a snowman?

Take a burned-out lightbulb and create a snowman that will never melt! What a bright idea! (Ha! Get it? Lightbulb humor!)

I thought I’d “cap” off this post with these adorable bottlecap snowmen! I collect bottlecaps for crafts and projects, so I’m definitely going to make some of these cuties with my kids.

Do you DIY ornaments for your tree? What’s your favorite homemade ornament? Share in the comments below!

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