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In a garden, the plants, vegetables, and flowers usually steal the show. Why not add some art to those natural features? These creative garden markers are both fun and functional – and they are easy to make!

Garden markers can be as simple as painted rocks. Crafts by Amanda used patio paint (craft paint designed for outdoor use) to make these colorful rock garden markers. The color of the rocks stands out against the green leaves.

Speaking of color, Happiness is Homemade made these garden markers from paint stir sticks! She painted them different colors and added stamped letters to label each plant. I love how the carrot marker is orange and the tomato marker is red – great for teaching kids about veggies!

How cute are these painted cement “caterpillar” garden markers? A little ready-mix cement and a silicone ice cube tray is how Lemon Thistle created these for her garden. Now that’s a bug I’d be happy to find in my garden!

For a more natural look, how about these garden markers made from dried twigs? Practically Functional used a vegetable peeler to create a surface on the twig for the label, and used stamps for the lettering. You can even make them waterproof!

Twigs aren’t the only sticks that can be remade into garden markers. Carolyn’s Homework turned corn cob sticks into garden markers with some colorful yarn and burlap!

You can easily find wooden spoons at thrift stores or even dollar stores. A Crafted Passion turned them into garden markers by burning letters into the spoons. If you didn’t want to do that (or didn’t have a wood-burning pen), you could use paint or a sharpie pen to add letters to the spoons.

Or, you could add these adorable labels to the spoons…

Snazzy Little Things created these vintage-style herb garden marker labels. They would go great on wooden spoons, wooden stakes, or metal stakes.

I created these cute garden markers out of upcycled chandelier parts! They were just white primed wood before. I painted the face of them with chalkboard paint and wrote the name of the herb on them with a chalkboard paint pen. Using chalkboard paint on these markers is great because you can erase them and reuse them when you plant something new!

I hope these creative garden markers have inspired you to make some for your garden!

*Post originally created for the American Rug Craftsmen blog, a Mohawk Home sister brand*

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