Cozy Spaces to Keep You Warm

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Is it getting colder where you live? Here in the South, it’s been unseasonably warm, but cold weather is on its way! Here are some ways to create cozy spaces to keep you warm when Old Man Winter comes calling.

When the temperature drops, I want to pile on blankets and quilts – whether in the living room or the bedroom.

I love settling into the couch, surrounded by soft pillows and covered by a warm blanket. The kids and I read books or watch movies all snuggled together here. It almost feels like we are hibernating for the winter.

It’s not just the couch where I stash blankets and quilts. Every chair in our living room has a throw over its back, too. And we have beloved quilts and other throws hanging on a vintage ladder, right behind the couch.

I also put extra quilts and comforters on the beds, for added warmth.

I love to bury myself under blankets and quilts when the weather is cold outside.

If you have hardwood or tile floors, consider adding a rug to the floor to create a cozy feel in the room.

The thicker the rug, the cozier the feel.

As soon as the temperature drops, I want a fire in our fireplace. Instant warmth and coziness.

If you use your fireplace frequently, make sure you have your chimney inspected each season for creosote build-up. Do that in the fall so that you are ready for a fire (and s’mores!) when winter comes calling.

Grab some hot cocoa and make your space more cozy! What’s your favorite cozy spot in your home? Share in the comments!

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