Color Showcase: Green

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Green is always a popular color in home decor. It evokes feelings of happiness, calm, and good luck. It reminds us of nature and allows us to bring the outdoors in. Today I’m going to show you some ways to use green in your decor.

With a light green, like mint green or sage, you can use it as a neutral, the way you would beige or white.

See how the light green blends in with the neutral linen and beige tones? Such a serene, earthy look.

For a bolder look, try a bright, emerald green, like this:

If a whole room of green is too much, try a wide stripe, like what I did in my daughter’s room:

Even just an accent or pop of bright green can brighten a room:

I love those green lamps!

The green painted wall behind the white shelves becomes a background, accent color and doesn’t take over the room.

How would you use green in your home? Bold and bright or soft and neutral?

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  1. Cheryl @ Artzzle says:

    Green is such a versatile color. It can occupy the background as a neutral, take the entire room . . . or just pop it up with great accents!

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