Braving Bold Florals

On 4 Apr, 2014 With 1 Comment

Nothing is more unabashedly “SPRING!” than bold, unapologetic florals, and they are back in a major way.


Whether you bring the flowers in a loud shout with wallpaper, or start small with a statement piece like this stunning chair…

Source: Blog 1700Louisiana

Source: Blog 1700Louisiana

Or maybe a fun floral area rug…

Whether you layer different floral patterns together…



Or stick with one pattern in an otherwise calming room…

Whether you make a semi-permanent change to your decor or start with a temporary floral backdrop…

…Or whether you’re afraid to commit at all and just pluck a few stems from your backyard…

…you’ll find the new bold, bright floral trend refreshing and a perfect antidote to a winter that just won’t end! How are you bringing floral patterns into your home? Do you like the trend?


Written By: Kelly Marzka 
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