Accent Pillows to Cozy Up Your Home

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One of the easiest and least expensive ways to change your decor seasonally is to add in or change out accent pillows.  Any spot in your home that has a place to perch can benefit from accent pillows — not just your bedroom or living room, but also your porch, entry hall, and dining spaces.  Every space seems cozier and more comfortable with a handful of pillows.  Take a walk through your home and see where you can add a few or add a fresh one.

Start with your porch.  This is the first impression your guests have!  If we go to the trouble to add mums, pumpkins, and wreaths, why not a few inviting pillows?

Next stop: your entry way.  If you’ve got a bench or chair in your entry way, a throw pillow or two is the perfect way to create that sense of welcome.

Consider your dining spaces.  Fall is the perfect time to linger around the table after meals, so think about adding an accent pillow to your dining chair or bench to up the comfort factor and introduce a cozy color.

Add warm colors and textures to seating in your living spaces.  Trade out lighter colors and fabrics you enjoyed during the summer for a richer cozier feel.

This is a great time to freshen up your bedroom for the season as well.   A darker or richer tone of your signature color is an easy way to create warmth for fall.  Combine patterns with warm colors and interesting textures to inject a little fall spice into your sanctuary.

Let your personality shine through your accent pillows.  These days of DIY pillows and thousands of fabric options are days of endless possibilities for originality!   Hop onto sites like Etsy or Pinterest and search “accent pillows” to get a sample of the options… just be sure you can settle in for some lengthy browsing!

One more tip to keep this simple and inexpensive:  reuse your pillow inserts.  If you’re shopping for or DIYing new pillows, look for or create only the pillow covers.  Not only is this a more economical way to redecorate, you won’t be storing bags or boxes full of pillows you are not currently using.  Simply clean the pillow covers you are replacing, fold, and store in a drawer or small box until next time.

I’m ready to add fresh pillows for fall now, how about you?

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