7 Ways Beautiful Fall Porches Can Transition through to Winter

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As Halloween transitions to Thanksgiving in the US, what do you do with pumpkins or your other fall décor? How do you make it last as long as possible and still be attractive and appropriate to the season.

1.       Keep it Classic

Elegance is timeless. This beautiful porch repeats the black from the front door in the planters and the oranges in the flowers and wreath as well as the pumpkins. Keeping your décor simple and clean, symmetrical and colorful is always a winning style. The rooster is a fun touch that hints at a turkey and adds a bit of whimsy. If you put white flowers in the pots, added a few white berries to the wreath, and painted your pumpkins white or gold you would have easily transitioned to a porch that could last through the holidays.

2.       Monograms are always Right

When in doubt use your initials! House numbers work too. Notice that the pumpkin is white and black with greenery behind. The Fall color is in the wreath that is used for the rim of the pot under the pumpkin. If that had a little more red in it or was made up of primarily greenery you would only have to gild the little pumpkin to have a welcoming display that works all the way through December.

3.       Use Season-less Items as the Base of Your Display

Lanterns are a perfect fall decoration and filling some of them with mini-pumpkins or small gourds is genius. You get the look of pumpkins and candles on your front porch without the mess of carving pumpkins or open flames endangering small trick or treaters. In December you could add some pinecones mixed and pomegranates into the lanterns to spruce it up!

4.       Keep it Simple

There is a lot of design in a few simple branches and one wreath on this porch. It is the architectural shape of the wreath and the cheerful color that catches your eye. Carrying the color throughout the branches is a lovely touch. Painting the branches a gold or red for the holidays and perhaps switching the wreath to a simple boxwood green square would be all you needed to do to dress the porch for the next season.

5.       Introduce Purple

Purple is a fabulous fall color. It brightens up a neutral porch, works well with the oranges but also transitions flawlessly into winter décor.

Notice that the wreath is a mix of all the colors and could easily work in December. The planters are simple greens and the purple works all season as well. The white pumpkins can stay, the only thing you would have to take down after Thanksgiving are the beautiful neutral corn stalks. Making them light allows them to easily work throughout Thanksgiving when they could be replaced by some lovely branches.

6.       Neutral is Your Friend

This stunning wreath with its accompanying darling white pumpkins over the door is going to be beautiful all fall. Change the pumpkins to silver ornaments and add a few silver touches to the wreath and it will take you all the way to the New Year.

The same can be said of this simple moss wreath, just swap the single white pumpkin for one holiday item like a silver star and you are done with decorating the door!

1.       Use Holiday Greens for Fall

Planting a small living tree in your porch pots is a great backdrop for fall pumpkins and colorful foliage. There is no repotting required when you want to dress up your tree, just add in some red and white berries and silver pine cones and you have a whole new look.

These beautiful winter planters are the perfect example of decorating for the entire season. They would not be out of place next to orange pumpkins or holiday sparkle. All of the colors are mixed and balanced in a way that never has to be changed even, when the snow starts to fall.

Happy Decorating!


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